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Romeo and Juliet Act 5

What news does Balthasar bring Romeo?
He brings the news of Juliet’s death. A note from the Friar about death.

After hearing the news, where does Romeo plan to go?
To the Capulet tomb for mourning.

Why is Romeo feeling cheerful at the beginning of scene 1?
He had a dream that he was dead but Juliet kissed him and brought new life into his body.

What does the speed with which Romeo makes his decision tell you about his character?
He is a bold and decisive person.

How is Friar John prevented from going to Mantua to deliver Friar Laurence’s letter?
There was a plague in Mantua

Why does Paris go to the Capulet tomb?
To lay flowers besides Juliet’s tomb and mourn her death.

How do you think Paris feels about Juliet?
By this time, Paris is committed to marrying Juliet. He may not love her in the way Romeo does, as this was to be an “arranged” marriage. But by the end of the play he was obviously willing to fight for her and her family.

What is Romeo’s real reason for sending Balthasar away from the tomb?
To deliver a letter that he had for Montague. But in reality Romeo didn’t want him around as he drank his poison.

Why does Paris think Romeo has come to the tomb?
To spit upon Tybalts grave. (juliet and tybalt are in the same tomb)

What does Friar Laurence find when he enters the tomb?
Romeo’s dead body and Juliet waking from her potion.

How does Juliet kill herself?
First she tries kissing Romeo to get poison from his lips. But ultimately she uses a dagger to stab herself.

What causes Lady Montague’s death?
Extreme grief over Romeo’s exile from Verona.

Who tells the story of the events to the Prince?
Friar Lawrence

What does the Prince mean when he says, “All are punished.”
Everyone has lost someone in this feud between the two families.

At the conclusion of the play, what happens between the Capulets and the Montagues?
They put their differences aside and end their hatred for each other.

In this final act, how are Romeo’s actions guided more by emotion than reason?
His love for Juliet and grief at the apparent loss of his lover led him to choose death rather than seek answers about why Juliet had died or if she even really was dead.

By family, list the people who have died in the play.
Montagues: Juliet, Tybalt
Capulets: Romeo, Lady Capulet
Mercutio a friend of Romeo
Paris, neither a Capulet or Montague

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